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Who are we and How can I get free PSN codes?

We are a brand new and unique company that has one main goal: provide our visitors with the chance to get free PlayStation Network codes!

You can start to get your PSN codes by choosing a PSN card above. Choose from either a $10, $20 or $50 card! After that, you will be redirected to a page to select one of the available cards for you to claim. Simply select one of the cards and a popup should appear. Complete a quick and easy survey from this list and you will be presented with your free PSN code!

What can I do with a PSN code?

You can do a lot with a PSN card code! They can be used to purchase exclusive games, movies, television shows! You can add endless hours of fun to your existing games and content!

How do I redeem the PSN code?

To redeem your PSN code, go to this link. Click on "Manage Account" and sign in. Then click on "Redeem Prepaid Card" and enter the PSN code you received and press the "Redeem..." button! Enjoy your free PSN code!
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